What Should You Do When .Com is Taken: Buy New Domains Extension

new online project

You’ve just created your website and now you are looking for a domain name and extensions to buy. But .com is taken. What should you do? Buy new domains extension, of course!

You have a new online project in front of you, you have just created your website, blog, an ecommerce store and now you are looking to buy a domain name and a domain name extension. However, .com is already taken, what should you do know?

Well, it is not the end of the world, and you will do what everyone does today – register a new domain.

Unless you have a few options on your mind and you can come up with an amazing new domain idea, you will found out that registering a new domain extension is probably the best option.

Don’t freak out, just because .com is taken. You have a lot of options available and we promise you that you can still come up with a great domain name for your business.

Before focusing all of your time and energy into finding alternative ways of registering your domain, it is essential to take a few steps back and think about possible strategies on how you plan to bring a traffic into your new websites. Determine the purpose of your website – if your website will be used in offline advertising such as billboards, commercials, business cards? In this case, it is really important for the domain to be simple and easy-to-spell.

Coming up with a new word might seem like a great idea and a way to get to the right domain name, however, please keep in mind that it can have serious consequences.

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  • You can consider not using .com as a domain extension if most of the traffic comes from sources that aren’t direct type-in traffic. The search users and people who are just discovering your new websites online are skeptical to what your domain name is and they probably not even notice if the name it a .org, .biz, or .info.
  • As we said, your best option is to use new domains extension such as .jobs, .agency, business, .online or others. There are some great new domain name extensions you could use and names that could be a perfect fit for your type of business.
  • Look for synonyms on websites like Thesaurus or come up with word alternatives that are similar to your original domain name idea.
  • You can use domain name tools such as BustAname or NameMesh which have alternatives in other languages. Even though you might not like the options or the suggestions that these two tools recommend, they will give you some creative ideas and inspire you to create ideas of your own.
  • If there are more than one or two words in your domain, make sure to rearrange the order and see what happens. You can change the words, make different combinations and see the end result. You may like it. If you don’t have two or more words in your domain, you may want to consider adding a new word.
  • Add another word in your domain name! Yes, this is the last thing you could do if the domain name you want is taken with .com domain extension. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity and add random words. You could ask for help from your friends and family and see if they can suggest something as well.

With a little creativity, you can find the perfect domain that works for your new online project! Good luck and have fun!